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The Best Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga means addition. Joining of the outer divine with the inner divine is Yoga. Yoga guru Maharishi Patanjali has presented the mystery of whole yoga in the form of sutras in his Yogasarshan. According to him, “Setting Chitta or heart in one place is Yoga.


Our great sages and Munis have told yoga through the purification of body and soul. They have mentioned the eight ways to attain the divine, which is called as Ashtanga Yoga.

Yogasana or Yoga poses mean that the condition of the body in which you can keep your body and mind calm and stable.

According to the tradition of yoga scriptures there are four hundred million asanas. All these creatures are based on the names of animals. Nobody knows about these asanas, so the fourteen rugs are considered as the main. And currently thirty-two asanas are famous.


Such as Stable Sujamamasanam: Asana is the ability to seamlessly sit in the same position without any suffering.

These poses are practiced for physical, mental and spiritual health benefits and remedies.


1. Downward Facing Dog Method of Yoga:

  • First of all, stand straight and keep the distance between the two legs.
  • After that gently turn downwards so that the shapes like V will be formed.
  • Make a little more in between the two hands and feet.
  • While breathing, pull your waist backwards with the help of fingers of your feet. Do not twist your feet and fingers
  • By doing this, you will get good stretch behind your body, arms and legs.
  • Take a long breath and stay in this yoga pause for a few minutes.

Benefits of Downward Facing Dog Yoga:

  • Strengthens the muscles.
  • The problem of sinus goes away.
  • The body gets good stamina.
  • Blood circulation improves.

2. Sleeping Abdominal Twist Method:

  • Lie on your back.
  • Bend your knee and place the soles of your foot flat on the ground in front of the hips.
  • Both the knee and the feet should be close together throughout the practice.
  • Interlock your fingers and place the palm under the back of your head. Work towards touching the elbows to the ground.
  • Take a deep inhale and exhale, lower both the legs to the floor on the right side of the body, hold your breath for a few seconds (3 seconds) and inhale again bringing the knee back to the center.
  • Repeat the same on the other side. This will be one round, practice this for 5 rounds

Benefits of Sleeping Abdominal Twist Method:

  • Good for all types of abdominal cures and constipation, such as gluten grains, gas, acid bile, sourness and piles of cough and piles.
  • It is beneficial in all diseases related to the intestines, kidneys, pancreatic and spleen.

3. Shavasana Yoga of Corpse Pose Method –

  • This is a very easy yoga posture, but it has very important benefits to the body.
  • Lie down on a flat surface with your stomach facing upwards.
  • Keep your legs separate from each other.
  • After that deeply breathe and leave for a few minutes.

Benefits of Shavasana Yoga of Corpse Pose Method –

  • Gives the body comfort.
  • Improves attention / concentration.

4. Vrikshasana Yoga or Tree Pose:

  • First of all put your two hands together and stand straight.
  • After that carefully keep your right foot on the thigh of your left foot and stand straight.
  • After that, gradually move your hands upward and hold the prayer mudra of Namaste pose.
  • Try to balance in this pose for at least 30-45 seconds.

Benefits of Tree Pose Yoga:

  • Improving balance
  • To strengthen thighs, legs and spine

4. Konasana or The Angle Pose:

  • While standing straight, make the distance of the hip width in the legs and keep the hands in the body side.
  • Take your breath and lift your left hand so that your fingers stay in the direction of the ceiling.
  • Leaving the breath, bending the spinal cord towards your right, then move your pelvic to the left and bend slightly more. Keep your left hand upwards.
  • Turn your head to see above the left palm. Keep the elbows straight.
  • Straighten your body back while breathing.
  • Bringing your left hand down while breathing.

Benefits of Konasana or The Angle Pose:

  • Help in keeping the spinal cord and arms and legs dragged straight
  • Strength in all parts of the arms, legs and torso.
  • Free back pain
  • Makes the spinal cord flexible.
  • Constipation is relieved.
  • The patients of sciatica (cytica) get benefit.

5. Trikonasana of The Triangle Pose:

  • Stand straight.
  • Make a convenient distance between your legs.
  • Rotate your right paw 90 degrees and left paw 15 degrees.
  • Bring the center of your right heel to the center of the curve formed by the left leg of your left foot.
  • Make sure your paws are suppressing the ground and the weight of the body equally on both feet.
  • Take a deep breath inward, turn your body to the right, turn the breath outwards, go down from the hips, keeping the waist straight
  • Lift your left hand up in the air and take the right hand down to the ground Visit Thus, keep both of your hands in one direction.
  • Keep your right hand on the edges or on the outside side of the ground or keep your waist folding wherever possible.
  • Drag your left hand toward the ceiling and bring it in the center of the shoulder. Keep your head in the center or turn to the left, focus your eyesight on the sister palm.
  • Keep in mind that your body is folded from the side. The body may not be tilted forward or backward. The buttocks and chests are completely open.
  • Stay firm while maintaining maximum stretch in the body. Keep breathing deeply. Relax the body with every breath going out. Be mindful with your body and breath.
  • Whenever you breathe, get up, raise your hands downwards and straighten the legs.
  • Do this process on your other side too. (Video)

Benefits of Trikonasana or The Triangle Pose:

  • This asana strengthens legs, knees, ankles, hands and thighs.
  • This asana produces more openness and stretch in buttocks, hips, thigh muscles, shoulders, thoracic and spinal cord. (Makes it more flexible and makes openness in all these parts.)
  • This asana increases the physical and mental dissonance.
  • Helps improve digestion. (Assists in digestion and activates it)
  • Relieves stress, anxiety, backache and citric pain.
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