Moral Support you can give to help people battling Depression & Mental Health Issues

The first thing we were taught as kids in our initial learning phase was the importance of words. How your speech dictates your life and those centered around you. It can either make someone’s day or kill the day’s vibe. Similarly, the kind of words you use with your close companions or even strangers, you meet down the road, defines you and your personality. Be humble and polite than being judgmental towards others, because many…

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How To Know Whether You Are Suffering From Depression Or It’s Loneliness

Depression is not a feeling or a temporary emotion that makes you sulk about your present situation. But it is a mental disorder which makes you alienate both from yourself and the world. It shatters the bond that you share with your mind and soul. It happens in a way that the negative thoughts start controlling the way you look at the world and those around you. Decoding Depression: Since depression is a mood disorder…

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Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Depression

Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Depression and Anxiety: Sometimes making small changes can lead to bigger differences. Here, we are talking about some of the positive lifestyle changes to overcome depression. Healthy and positive lifestyle changes can help you achieve your depression treatment goals and lower down your stress level. For example, nowadays taking antidepressants to overcome depression has become as normal as taking aspirin for a headache. Many find it hard making a few lifestyle…

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