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Best Ways to Surprise Your Soulmate or Partner on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day is around the corner, most of the couples must be freaked out as how they can surprise their soulmate. If you haven’t decided yet, then don’t wait further and quickly check out these top 20 quirky ways to surprise your partner on Valentine:

1) Act as if you don’t care:

The stupidest thing one can do in love is to avoid their partner so act weird in front of her as if you don’t care about this Valentine. Call her in the evening to meet up for an urgent piece of work. Surprise her by taking her to the nearest flower shop, kneel down and present her a bouquet.


2) Tell Your Partner that you are sick and plan a romantic evening:

When one of the partners is sick the other one is always concerned about their well-being and suggest having a complete bed rest. So just apply this formula and tell your dear one that you aren’t well. After having a nice chat on the phone, tell him to see you are feeling well now. Decorate your place with flowers, put up a nice table mat on the dinner table, adorn it with a flower pot and lit a candle. Order some food and surprise him with a romantic candlelight dinner at your place.


3) Take her to her favourite place and sing a song for her:

You can tell your sweetheart to meet up and surprise her by taking her to the place where you first met. Make the moment special by singing a romantic song for her.


4) Go old school write a letter for her:

If you are bad at expressing your feelings then you must try this out. You can write a letter for her-describing how your life has changed since the day she entered your life. Take her for a long romantic walk and surprise her by putting the letter in her bag. I can vouch, when she’ll open her bag and read the letter, tears of joy will run from her eyes like the broken pearls from a beautiful necklace.

5) Ask her to meet at the restaurant where you had your first date and propose her there:

You can ask your sweetheart to catch up at the restaurant where you had your first date. Make some special arrangements and surprise her by asking her hand. To add a pinch of romance just take a ring with you and propose her. She will be impressed by the courtly gesture of yours.

6) Invite her to your home and cook her favourite dish:

If she knows that you are bad at cooking then do something out of the box and enchant her by your newly found cooking skill. Go through some YouTube cooking videos or read a few recipes to prepare her favourite cuisine. When she’ll arrive just close her eyes, guide her towards the dinner table and slowly open her eyes.

7) Gift her favourite dress:

Oh well, let’s take this one seriously. As we all know that girls love shopping, so this is one of the easiest ways to make her happy. If you remember the dress which she saw at the store but couldn’t afford and had her eyes glued to it. Then it’s the right thing to surprise her with, just buy that dress and spread a million dollar smile on her face.

8) A long romantic drive on the country roads:

Tell her to come with you for an urgent piece of work and take her for a long romantic drive. Play her favourite music and add five stars to your date by dedicating a song to her. You can stop at various places, have ice-cream together and take photographs of the precious moment, so you can cherish them afterwards. Drive through the suburbs and kiss her under the crimson moonlight.

9) Gift a cute pet:

If she is fond of pets and adores them like babies then it is one of the precious gifts that you can give to her. You can take the pet in a little basket and decorate it with ribbon or flowers. Hide a love note in it and surprise her with the little pal.

10) Change your dress up or make up for the big day:

Changes are good sometimes. If you haven’t changed your look from quite a long time then you should try this out. If you dress up like a swagger then you can go for a refined look like trying a tuxedo and if you have a sober dressing sense, then you can try something casual. Try to dress up and style your hair the way she wants. You can get a haircut or shave to make instant changes in you. If you are a girl, you can do the same. Try to see yourself from his eyes, dress up and do the hair and makeup the way he likes. Ring your lover and surprise him with your new avatar.

11) Tell her that you guys will never fall apart:

Do a little drama and ask your friend to call your girlfriend and tell her that you have met a road mishap. When she will come to see you just hug her tightly and surprise her with a bouquet of roses and a wedding ring. Don’t forget to tell her that you will never leave her alone.

12) Give him a surprise visit:

Tell him that you can’t meet today because there’s some pending work to do at the office. Knock his door when he least expects you and surprise him with a warm hug and a bottle of champagne.

13) Camp under the cluster of stars:

Plan a weekend getaway with your soulmate to put a big smile on her face. You can either go for trekking or camp together amidst the verdure of nature. Surprise her by making arrangements for night camping and have a bonfire night under the silver sky.

14) Engrave her name in your skin:

What’s better than expressing love with the help of art. You can either get her name or picture inked on your skin. The tattoo can be permanent or semi-permanent depending on your choice but make sure to get a sober one. Visit her and ask her to unbutton your shirt. She will be amazed to see her memory inked on your skin.

15) A musical night for her:

If you are planning to do something out of the box then you can invite a local music band to perform for her. The band will play her favourite music and you two can dance together. If you are not good at dancing then you can give a small speech about why you adore her like crazy.

16) Sun, sea and her company will make a perfect trio:

Take your dear one on the seashore and arrange a boat for her. Tell her that you both are going in the middle of the sea. When you’ll reach there, act like you lost your balance. When she will panic, emerge from the sea with a rose in your mouth. Yes, it’s crazy and so are you. Hope you know swimming before doing this. Good luck!

17) You’ve got a mail darling:

Ask all your mutual friends to send a mail telling why you guys make a perfect couple. While having a dinner date with her just read them aloud. Don’t forget to share your feelings as she will cherish it the most.

18) Poetry for her:

Do something creative like writing a poem for her which you can recite on your romantic date. Show her that she means the world to you and make her feel like she is poetry herself, which is way too deep to understand. But once you get to know her well, you’ll glare like the sun from the divine energy of her pious soul.

19) Become a Shakespeare for your muse:

Ask your friend to meet up and prepare a play with him on how you met her for the first time and how you proposed her. Arrange a perfect place for your act to star. Take your beloved to that place and tell her that we have something in store for you. Have a dinner date with her and tell your friend to start the play. Showcase your picture-perfect love story and see her reaction. It will be adorable for sure.

20) One of the biggest gifts For Your Partner:

Just call her in the morning and spend the whole day with her. Do random stuff and tell her that every day is a Valentines when she is with you. You don’t need a special day to express your love for your partner. The biggest gift is to be the same and stick to each other through thick and thin. At the end, nothing matters more than your presence that’s one of the biggest gifts. So just feel the magic.

Let thy spirit be high in love. Namaste!

Pragati Chauhan

A curious soul, I crave learning.

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