Shrooms: How Much is Safe? Identifying, Risks and Benefits

Shrooms or Magic Mushrooms are a part of mushroom family that contain psilocybin. Psilocybin is a compound, found in more than 200 species of mushrooms. It is a naturally psychedelic prodrug compound. These species are collectively called as psilocybin mushrooms.

Psilocybin found in hallucinogenic mushrooms or shrooms is classified as a “Schedule I” drug. It currently has no accepted official use in medical treatment in the United States and United Kingdom or any other region. The fear with magic mushrooms is that they have a high probability of misuse because of their mind altering capabilities and they might be addictive for some people.

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Is it Safe to Eat Shrooms:

  • You can eat shrooms in moderate amount but not everyone has had good experience with them. They can be mixed with usual food.
  • You can brew magic mushrooms like tea for drinking. These are not for everyone, if they do not suit you, you might experience unpleasant bad trips.
  • One can also mix them with tobacco or cannabis and smoke.
  • According to US government statistics, shrooms have been used by over 22.8 million American citizens at least once.
  • Shrooms are constantly being a subject for many medical researches such as to overcome stress, depression, addictions, anxiety disorder, eating disorders, and overall well-being of an individual.
  • psilocybin might be a great help in reducing the pain resulting from social rejection.

How do Shrooms Work in Your Body:

Researches have shown that psilocybin increases communication between areas of the brain that normally don’t have communication with each other.

Psilocybin is considered “classic psychedelics” because it can bring changes in perception, thought pattern, and mood swings by mimicking neurotransmitters in your brain similar to other addicting drugs, such as mescaline and lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).

Once psilocybin found in shrooms enters one’s body it is broken down into psilocin, which is a compound known to activate a specific type of serotonin receptor in the brain that triggers its psychedelic effects.


What Can Magic Mushrooms do to a person:

Shroom’s hallucinatory effects can make a person:

  • see images in mind
  • hear sounds
  • feel sensations that seem real to the person but are imaginary
  • they may feel like they can smell colors
  • you may feel good and light as it induces mood swings
  • shrooms may leas to feeling of relaxation
  • you might feel more open or imaginative

Magic Mushrooms May have powerful long-term benefits:

Scientific American Griffiths coauthored an article with his fellow Heffter board member, Grob. According to the article:

  • most of the participants experienced a greater sense of inner fulfillment
  • increased self-confidence
  • improved social confidence
  • an increase in overall well-being
  • an increased ability to tolerate problems and frustration
  • decreased nervousness
  • Ratings of their behavior by friends, family members and work colleagues uninformed about the drug experience were consistent with the participants’ self-ratings

Recognizing Shrooms:

  • There are over 200 species of Mushrooms having psilocybin. They look like usual dried mushrooms.
  • Shrooms have long, grayish stems.
  • They have dark brown caps with light brown or white color in the center.
  • Dried mushrooms are rusty brown with isolated areas of off-white.

Potential Risks of Taking Shrooms, “Bad Trips”:

A survey was conducted consisting of almost 2,000 people who said they had a past negative experience taking shrooms. More than 10 percent said they believed their worst “bad trip” had put themselves or others in bad situations.
Based on the research data that assessed each subject’s absolute worst bad trip:

  • 10.7% of the subjects reported that they put themselves or others at risk for physical harm during their bad trip
  • 2.6% reported they acted angrily, aggressively or violently
  • 2.7% reported they sought medical help

If you are suffering from anxiety or bipolar disorder, magic mushrooms might worsen their symptoms.

You might experience bad trip which includes:

  • negative physical symptoms such as chills, vomiting, nausea or headaches
  • unpleasant psychological phenomenon such as paranoia or anxiety

Fresh Mushrooms are Highly Popular in USA:

According to the report, the U.S. per capita consumption of fresh mushrooms (not magic mushrooms) amounted to approximately 3.95 pounds in 2018. White mushrooms made up to 61.2 percent of U.S. mushroom sales in 2015.

Do They Have Any Withdrawal Symptoms:

Shrooms usually do not any physical symptom of withdrawal after stop using them. Some people might experience psychological effects, which may include anxiety and depression. You should consult a physician if you face any withdrawal symptoms.

There is a debate over whether or not magic mushrooms are addictive. Like any substance, someone can become dependent on the substance for different reasons. The more someone uses mushrooms, they may begin to crave more of the substance.

In some cases, individuals may prefer to combine psilocybin mushrooms with another substance for a difference effect, especially LSD. For this reason, people are more likely to become psychologically addicted to psilocybin mushrooms than physically addicted.

Are Magic Mushrooms Addictive?

This question is still debatable that whether magic mushrooms or shrooms are addictive or not. Someone can become addictive to any substance or habit if they overdo or overuse it.

There are some cases, where people may prefer to combine psilocybin mushrooms with another substance such as LSD to increase the effect. If this is the case, individuals have more chances to become psychologically addicted to magic mushrooms than actually physically addicted.

The severity of addiction to these things often depends on the amount of mushrooms someone is taking. People may become addicted to it because of its mind altering capabilities and power to make you feel relaxed, just like people can become addicted to alcohol or weed.

If someone is increasing their consumption of shrooms and showing an increased tolerance for them. Or if someone is mixing them with other drugs then you should probably call for help.

Mushrooms Nutrition Information and Facts:

NutrientNutrient in 1 Regular cup of mushroomsRecommended daily intake
Energy (calories)21.11,600–3,200
Protein (g)3.046–56
Carbohydrate (g)3.1, including 1.9 g of sugar130
Calcium (mg)2.91,000–1,300
Iron (mg)0.58–18
Magnesium (mg)8.6310–420
Phosphorus (mg)82.6700–1,250
Potassium (mg)3054,700
Sodium (mg)4.82,300
Zinc (mg)0.58–11
Copper (mcg)305890–900
Selenium (mcg)8.955
Vitamin C (mg)2.065–90
Vitamin D (mg)0.215
Folate (mcg DFE)16.3400
Choline (mg)16.6400–550
Niacin (mg)3.514–16


Question 1: Are Shrooms or magic mushrooms safe to eat?

Answer: Some of them are safe and some of them are not safe not. You should know how to recognize them. Some shrooms might worsen your depression if you are already suffering from it.

Question 2: How do magic mushrooms work?

Answer: Shrooms have Psilocybin in them which is responsible for their hallucinating properties.

Question 3: Can eating magic mushrooms make you feel good?

Answer: Yes it might. But mushrooms work differently on efferent persons. On some people it might have negative impact. If you suffer from anxiety or depression then don’t eat shrooms.

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