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Should You Really Quit Your Job? Let’s Examine

I have encountered this problem a thousand times. Every time while working I used to think about quitting. Because I hated this job. The question which was eating me inside was why am I even doing this while I could be doing something fun and make a career out of it.

But as I am getting paid, will I be able to earn this much money by doing what I love? This was the biggest question in my mind. I think you are in the same boat that’s why you crashed here. Now, let’s analyze every situation for which you want to quit the job and the consequences of doing so.


This is going to affect all of your and your family’s life so don’t hurry. Have patience, sit back, breathe and think with a cool mind. Quitting a job is not an easy decision to make. You have to think every consequence that it can bring to your life.

If you are not financially strong and have to take care of your parents or children then quitting your job immediately out of frustration is stupid. You need a robust plan to get yourself out of this without affecting the condition of your family. I think the first question you should ask yourself is what would I do after quitting my job? This is a big question and not an easy one.

Every job comes with some amount of stress. Some may have too much stress and some may have very less. It depends on how effectively you can handle it. Stress is not good, taking too much stress leads to serious health issues like migraines or ulcers. If you are in a job which is causing you too much stress then taking a little break(not quitting right away) would turn out to be a good option.


You may need to take a simple break from work if stress is impacting you from outside your job. A stressed-out worker who cannot perform work properly can be detrimental to a company. Some major sources of outside stress include personal illness or that of a family member.

Analyze the different aspects of your job and your reasons for quitting before going through with it. It is also important to be polite when you quit so that you don’t burn any bridges or lose good sources for recommendations.


Let’s examine some of the situations :

If You Don’t Like Your Job:

This is not as simple as it seems. To determine if you really hate your current job is more than just hating your boss or colleagues. Maybe there is a simple solution such as bringing a little change in yourself or maybe a little planning and switching the company in the same domain of work.

If you are thinking about quitting the job because of the environment of office or because you are frustrated by the people then you need to think a little more. Maybe the problem is not your boss, not your colleagues but you. Maybe you take things too seriously. Sit down in quiet place for a little while and think about it.

If you Genuinely Hate Your Work:

However, if you literally hate the work that you do and think that you could be doing something that you like to do, then you may plan on quitting it. But as I said earlier, you got to have a robust future plan on how you would be able to do the work that you love and make a living out of it. You have to determine whether is it the right time or is it too late.

There comes a time when your patience and motivation has to go through a serious test. In a stressful job, even the most experienced and motivated employees may find pretty hard to stay motivated. This is not good for your mental and physical health. The sooner you find a way out of it the better.


If You Don’t Have Financial Problems:

You hate your job and you are financially strong. In this case, if I were you I would quit it. I would invest the money in real estate and travel. Well, this is my case but you do get the point, right? If you are financially stable then it is easier to quit the job to pursue what you really want in your life. In this case, it’s that easy.

There are some obvious benefits of not working and traveling. No bosses. Every day has something new to offer. Meeting hundreds of new people every day that enhances your life experience. Witnessing the beauty of the wonders of the world. You are your boss, you can do whatever you want to do and whenever you want to do it. Your health will improve because you have no stress and you are happy.

If You Think That Job Is Such A Waste Of Your Life And Want To Start Your Spiritual Journey:

Well, in this case, I think you don’t have to necessarily quit your job. You can start your spiritual journey without this big decision.

As per my definition of spirituality, it doesn’t teach you to quit your work life or leave your family and loved ones. It doesn’t teach to spend rest of your life in a cave in the Himalayas. What it does teach is that you have to learn to be calm and present-minded in where ever you are and whatever situation you are in.

The whole formula of spirituality is to find inner peace, bringing joy and bliss from within yourself. External factors such as stress, workload, life problems and someone’s death should not majorly affect you.

Being spirituality doesn’t mean running away from everyone but accepting them as they are. Some people run away from there social life leaving everything like money, family, friends, and property behind. While it might work for some people but I think it can be done without doing so.

Gaining spirituality changes everything around you. It changes your perception, the way you work, your thoughts, your personal style and your art of dealing with people.

It enhances your individuality, which finally improves your personality. It lets you be who you really are. You see things and people around them the way they really are, no modifications or unnecessary thoughts.

Have you seen the movie “Into The Wild”? How miserable his parents had become. And he died at the end. The point is you still need money to travel even into the wild. Money has its own importance, you can’t just ignore it.

You simply can not ignore the happiness of being with your family and loved ones. You can not ignore the importance of money in your life. Materialistic things have their own pleasure. We can not put them above love and peace but they have their own charm.

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