Quarantine: An Opportunity to Help Your Country and Learn New Things

Quarantine: These are tough times for everyone. Because of the Coronavirus outbreak, every country is struggling to fight this virus and save the lives of its citizens as many as possible. Most of the countries had to impose a whole month long lock-down to maintain social distancing.

Its a huge step. Despite the fact that it can significantly bring down the economy of the world, we had to do it. There was no other way around. While many people have advantage of working from home but this is not possible in every industry. Many startups had to die, many businesses went down but that’s a whole other topic.


Most of us can not do anything about it except from being quarantined inside your house or wherever you are. You can not travel because its more dangerous. The most patriotic thing to do right now is being quarantined in you home to save your life and other’s too.

You should use this lock-down period to do something good for others of even just for yourself. There are many things that you can do to keep your sane because you can’t get out. Here are some of them:

Donate to Help the World:

This is the right time to use your money to help your country and people. This is the investment that you will feel happiest about. Amount does’t matter but numbers do. This is the most useful way of investing your money. Times like these make you rich inside. Donate according to your capability. Every country has maintained an account number to support Coronavirus patients and help people who are jobless at the time and don’t have enough resources to be quarantined. You can directly donate to World Health Organization. Just click on the below link to donate:



or click on the below link to donate:


India has taken a huge step forward to help Coronavirus patients and people who lost their jobs because of this disaster, to provide them a quarantined shelter and food. Many people are leaving big cities of India and returning to their villages because they do not have enough money to stay there anymore.

This situation is against the mantra of social distancing. If someone gets infected in bus or train while returning to their village then every person in the village would be in danger. PM of India has initiated a fund called PM CARES. Details are:

Donate to PM Cares Coronavirus Fund in India

Learn New Things While Being Quarantined:

This is a great opportunity of open up your mind and learn new things. Maybe pickup that old guitar or a piano in your house that you haven’t touched for a year. Pick it up, open YouTube and start learning. Or learn new technologies, take up an online course on Udemy or even watch cooking videos.

Be Social While Maintaining Social Distancing:

There must be many people that you always wanted to call but you were too busy in your social and work life. This time, you have a whole lot of time to talk to them. You can call your old colleagues or friends that you haven’t talked to in a while, call your relatives and find out how they are dealing with Coronavirus and what they are doing in quarantine. They might be bored out of their mind as you are. Share this article with them and let them know what to do. This is a great opportunity to improve your relationship with your family and friends.

Read a Book or a Novel:

Reading is one of the best options in this quarantine period. You can read your academic book, magazines or a novel. I have many unfinished novels in my checklist. All of them are half-read. Now I don’t have any excuse, I will finish them. Thank God to Amazon Kindle, you can still order and read new books. This is the time to sharpen your mind and take on the post-quarantine world. Who knows what’s gonna happen after one month.


Start Meditating (No Excuses While You are Quarantined):

Most of the people are so afraid of mediation. It just takes a single step and then it comes to you naturally. In this quarantine period you are at home and you have nothing to do. What else could be the best time to learn mediation? It will make you more aware and sharp.

Here are some methods of guided meditaion:

Guided meditation for beginners

Heartfulness Meditation

Meditation for Depression

Do Yoga:

You cannot skip exercise in this period. You Just need a mat in your house to do Yoga. It will give strength to your body and mind to be sharp and active in this hard time. Click on below link to learn some easy yoga poses:

Yoga for Beginners

Watch Movies:

It is perfect time to re-watch old movies and add some new ones to your watch list. Almost everyone has Netflix of Amazon Prime Video these days. If you are quarantined with your family, then its a good time to bond with them and movies can help you with that. If you are alone then movies and sitcoms are blessing.

Unleash Your Inner Chef:

Its not safe to order food in quarantine time. You can’t go out to eat and you can’t call your maid to cook for you. She is quarantined with her family, she has bigger problems right now to cook for you, no offense. Its an opportunity explore new recipes and feel good about yourself. There are plenty of great cooking channels on YouTube of you can refer to any cooking blog on the internet.

Practice Deep Breathing Exercise:

Deep breathing increases your focus. It delivers more oxygen to your brain and helps it become more calm. Since there is no disturbance in the quarantine period, you can practice deep breathing in the morning sitting comfortably. Lock-down period has also reduced all kinds of pollution and air has become purer. This is the time to breathe guys, breathe as much as you can and as deep as you can.

Learn Deep Breathing

Learn New Things About Yourself:

If you are quarantined alone in your home this time, you will find out a lot of new things about yourself, such as what really makes you happy and sad. You will figure out how you have evolved as a person over the years, how you don’t like a certain thing anymore that you used to love back in time and vice versa.


You will find out about your creativity and other talents that you didn’t have any idea about. These are hard times but everything will be back to normal, it always has. Take care.

Here’s the Best TV Shows & Movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video during quarantine period.

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