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Deep Breathing Advantages | Why We should Practice Deep Breathing

We don’t have to be reminded when to breathe, it is a self happening process. We don’t even pay attention to breathing, we just breathe. But we should learn how to breathe and different breathing exercises. Advantages of deep breathing are numerous. We should effectively fill the lungs with good amount of fresh oxygen.

Deep breathing is associated with good sleep and good health. In sleeping state your body and mind both benefit greatly, it accelerates healing and regeneration, improves mental awareness and alertness when you wake up.


Did you know that when you breathe out you release up to 70% of the toxins from your body?

Breathing exercises help you to improve functions of lungs. It helps calm down your mind, relieves anxiety, stress and mood swings. You should practice breathing exercises daily to improve general well-being.

When you breathe effectively, you will be flooded with more Oxygen to get rid of Carbon dioxide. Your oxygenation of tissues (most importantly brain) will remarkably improve and it is important because brain depends on Oxygen and Glucose to improve its functions.


Deep breathing can help you when you are:

  • Feeling stressed or overwhelmed and want to calm down.
  • Stressed out and you want to think more clearly.
  • In need of releasing the tension in your body.
  • Feeling frustrated and want to chill a little.
  • In the middle of an argument and you want to feel more centered.

What Happens To Our Body When We Feel Stressed:

In the times of emotional stress and tension our sympathetic nervous system is stimulated and effects a number of physical responses. Our heart rate rises, our muscles tense and our breathing becomes rapid and shallow. If this process happens over a long period of time, this may lead to an imbalance that can affect our physical health resulting in inflammation, high blood pressure and muscle pain and other bad conditions.


Why not take time and discover the amazing benefits of deep breathing over shallow breathing:

1. Less Stress:

Parasympathetic Nervous System controls our stress related hormones. In other words in controls our “Fight or flight response.”

By breathing effectively, we call our parasympathetic nervous system and it controls our stress related hormones and we fell fresh.

2. Weight Control:

By deep breathing we fill our lungs with more oxygen, hence more oxygen is transmitted to our heart. This increases the cardiovascular capacity and more amount of oxygen is received by every cell of our body, which encourages the fat burning process rather than energy storage.

3. Increased Mental Concentration Is One Of The Important Deep Breathing Advantages:

When you breathe deeply, fresh oxygen enters to your heart and each cell and hence oxygen delivery increases to your brain, you feel good and fresh. This makes you more physically fresh and mentally concentrated.


4. Detoxification:

Our lymphatic system is responsible for flushing out the toxins and wastes from our cells. Unlike heart, our lymphatic system does not have its own built-in pump. It is dependent on bodily movement and breathing to flush out the toxins. When you are taking shallow breaths, then you are not properly flushing out the toxins like carbon-di-oxide from our body.

5. Pain Relief:

As mentioned earlier, when you breathe effectively, more oxygen is supplied to blood, which causes our brain to release endorphins which decreases the level of pain that we feel. Endorphins boosts our mood and helps in pain relief.

6. Healthy Heart:

Now you know that, taking more oxygen to our lungs means more oxygen to our heart which is needed for its good functioning. Many researches have shown that deep breathing helps us to maintain the blood pressure and it controls our heart rate.

7. Physical Appearance Improvement:

When fresh oxygen pours in your every cell by deep breathing, including your skin. Blood with good amount of oxygen reaches to your skin. So wrinkles are less because of improved circulation.

To Summarize:

  • Deep breathing helps control the body-emotions.
  • It supports digestion process. By breathing until the stomach and lungs are full, the stomach gets more oxygen and increases its efficiency.
  • Increases blood quality: Deep breathing releases all the carbon dioxide from the body and increases the amount of oxygen in the blood, so blood quality becomes good.
  • Reduces anxiety: Think of what happens in the body when you are worried, angry, scared or stressed? It produces tension in your body, the muscles are getting tough and the breath is becoming irregular. With occasional breathing, you are not getting enough oxygen, which your body needs.
  • Keeps the mind calm and enhances the clarity of thinking. As a result of proper breathing, oxygen can reach the brain and reduce the level of anxiety. You have to concentrate on how to breathe. Through Relaxation you can do it. When we can calm the body, you will notice that more clarity has come in mind and thoughts than before.
  • Deep breathing clears out most of the toxic gases from the body. If you do not breathe correctly, then the toxins will put pressure on the other systems.
  • A deeper breathing is the free of cost medicine from the nature that removes our stress and reduces pain. The correct breathing process also helps prevent heart attack.
  • Controls the heart rate.
  • Helps increase muscle strength.
  • Protects the body’s resistance. Oxygen through blood circulation comes in contact with hemoglobin, and helps in nutrition and vitamin defenses.
  • Your body posture, how you sit, stand, move depends on how your breathing process is.
  • Regular deep breath-breathing reduces blood pressure.
  • If you breathe deeply, your lungs will be more healthy and strong. That will keep you away from various respiratory problems.
  • Taking full breathing strengthens the heart. More oxygen reaches your heart through your blood.
  • Inspires weight control. If your weight is higher than normal, then excess oxygen burns excess fat.
  • Energy level and Stamina increases.
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