Harmful effects of Chronic Loneliness: Its Symptoms and Risks Involved

With the rise in technology, the barriers between communication have been filled by the social media apps that have secured… Read More

1 year ago

20 Amazing Places to Visit before You Die

“We were not born on this Earth to just pay our bills and die”. But to live every moment and… Read More

2 years ago

How To Know Whether You Are Suffering From Depression Or It’s Loneliness

Depression is not a feeling or a temporary emotion that makes you sulk about your present situation. But it is… Read More

4 months ago

How To Be Mentally Strong | Change Your Habits

People who are mentally strong, have good habits. They control their thoughts emotions and behaviors in healthy and good ways. The… Read More

1 year ago

Body Positivity: How to Love the Skin You’re In

Your body is nothing but a sacred abode of your soul and you shouldn't hurt or scar it to fit… Read More

2 years ago

A Guide to be Happy And Joyful All The Time Like a Child

Ever wonder that you are successful of have a lot of money but how to be happy and joyful from… Read More

5 months ago

A 30 Minutes Walk Can Do You So Good | Benefits of Walking

Physical exercise doesn't always need to include heavy lifting or quick sprinting. Some simple activities such as taking a walk… Read More

1 year ago

How To Cure Depression And Anxiety By Yourself | My Own Story

Hello everyone, I am going to discuss the topic anxiety and depression via Get Well Forever to help people with… Read More

1 year ago

Eyeball Tattooing | Risks Involved

Eyeball tattooing, eye tattooing also known as Scleral tattooing, has become a trend these days. This dangerous (more…) Read More

3 months ago

Misophonia | Do Chewing Sounds Make You Crazy?

Do Chewing sound make you go crazy? If noises like someone chewing, breathing, clearing throat, coughing, sneezing or (more…) Read More

5 months ago

Postpartum Depression | Symptoms, Causes, Coping

Life after having a baby is really great but it can sometimes be very challenging and stressful. Even if you… Read More

1 year ago

Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Depression

Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Depression and Anxiety: Sometimes making small changes can lead to bigger differences. Here, we are talking… Read More

4 months ago

Depression Signs And Symptoms | How To Know If You Are Depressed

Before depression signs, let us understand the term depression, (more…) Read More

5 months ago

Depression – How To Fight It | My Own Story

most of the depressive disorders are self created. The experiences make you create the dark perceptions about people and this… Read More

1 year ago

Deep Breathing Advantages | Why We should Practice Deep Breathing

We don't have to be reminded when to breathe, it is a self happening process. We don't even pay attention… Read More

1 year ago

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