Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Depression

Sometimes, making small changes can lead to bigger differences. Here, we are talking about some of the positive lifestyle changes. Healthy and positive lifestyle changes can help you achieve your depression treatment goals and lower down your stress level. For example, nowadays taking antidepressants to overcome depression has become as normal as taking aspirin for […]

Depression – How To Fight It | My Own Story

most of the depressive disorders are self created. The experiences make you create the dark perceptions about people and this world and gradually you keep living on them. Later you come to know you have become isolated and you feel like you don’t belong to this world

Deep Breathing Advantages | Why We should Practice Deep Breathing

We don’t have to be reminded when to breathe, it is a self happening process. We don’t even pay attention to breathing, we just breathe. But we should learn how to breathe and different breathing exercises. Advantages of deep breathing are numerous. We should effectively fill the lungs with good amount of fresh oxygen. Deep […]

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