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Sleep Meditation: No, you can not sleep like a baby if you go to bed feeling stressed out. Stressed mind is always wondering meaninglessly with no final verdict. Going to bed angry or worried is not a healthy habit. Even if eventually you fall asleep, you are not going to wake up fresh. You would not have mental clarity. As a result, your body did not get the rest it needed. Not good, right? This is why you end up searching meditation for sleep over the internet.

Thinking is not always stressful. Overthinking is stressful. For example, an athlete’s mind is always working very fast while he is performing but he/she doesn’t look stressed out. He can never perform carrying tension in his head.


If your thoughts are clean and natural without any conflict then it is the best thing. Just close your eyes and sleep will follow you. If there is a conflict among your thoughts then you are not going to get a healthy sleep tonight.

No, of course you can sleep well but only after silencing the chitchat of your mind. The first and foremost thing to make sure when you close your eyes is to quiet your mind before starting sleep meditation.

A simple but effective meditation technique can help you take control over your mind and body to give you the quality of sleep your body desperately needs. Here is step by step demonstration of sleep meditation that you can do after laying down:


Meditation for Sleep (Sleep Meditation): Step by Step Guide:

  • Turn off the lights entirely. You always need a dark place to sleep.
  • Close you eyes and take a deep breath in and then throw it out. Make sure to fill your lungs and stomach completely.
  • Repeat this at least 10 to 15 times.
  • Now, its time to initiate the process of meditation for sleep. Relax your body. Untie your fists.
  • Release all the tension from your muscles. Just lay there like a dead man.
  • Do not move and be comfortable with silence around you.
  • Now breathe with your natural speed. Do not force to alter your natural breathing frequency.
  • You are slowly detaching from the outer world and entering your inner world.
  • Just pay your entire attention to your breathe and heart rate.
  • Remind your mind that you are just a piece of life in this never-ending cosmos who needs a rest right now.
  • Observe how your body is resting and there is no tension in your muscles.
  • After a certain amount of practice, you would literally realize that your body parts are resting peacefully one after another.
  • Stay like this for a while and before you know you are already asleep.


This is the sleep meditation method that I personally follow and it helps me sleep in less than 10 minutes. I adopted this method from the great master Osho. I kind of improvised it according to my comfort. Feel free to do any slight modification. It is one of the shortest and most effective methods of meditation for sleep.

This mediation approach for better sleep can be highly effective for people working in corporate offices. A 9 to 5 desk job makes it hard for some people to be physically active. Their mind is always working and solving problems while staring at that bright computer screen. This might make them mentally tired and exhausted. Therefore, sleep deprivation has been proven to be higher in office workers than field workers.


Having said that, this sleep meditation comes into the picture after you lie down in your bed. But as Sadhguru suggests:

Your quality of sleep totally depends on your quality of life.

Here’s a video to help you understand this from Sadhguru himself:

If you live well and enjoy every moment of your work life and personal life, you might not even need this sleep meditation. So how do you improve you quality of life is a whole different topic of conversation. But here are some tips to apply in your work and personal life to sleep peacefully in the night:

Modification in Your Lifestyle to Sleep Better in Addition to Sleep Meditation:

  • Eat healthy, never ever eat junk and packaged food.
  • Reduce the quantity of white in your food, such as sugar, salt and white bread.
  • Practice mediation for at least 10 minutes every morning before breakfast. Here’s the simplest method of meditation for you.
  • Engage in any sort of physical activity in your day. For example,
  • Practice deep breathing whenever you feel stressed out in your office or home. Just pay attention on your breathing and increase the amount of oxygen you take in.
  • Drink enough water. Always keep a bottle of water on your desk while working. And avoid those plastic bottles. Use copper bottle if possible.
  • Create a friendly environment in your office. Talk to your co-workers, joke and laugh with them. Make them feel comfortable.
  • Not to mention, stay away from too much alcohol and do not smoke.
  • Eat a healthy dinner after you reach home from work.
  • Go to sleep at least after one hour of dinner.
  • Last but not least, practice this method of mediation for sleep.

Taking First Step is Crucial:

If you become able to apply all these modifications practically in your life, you would never have trouble sleeping. But its easier said than done, right? All it takes is first step to start and a little will power to change and lead a better life.


Sleep and life are directly dependent on each other. For example, If you sleep well you would have a better life and clarity in thoughts. Similarly,if your life is one hell of a ride of joy then you would sleep like a baby, carefree.


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