Literotica: How to Use it Without Getting Addicted to It

Literotica means literature for erotic plots and fictional stories. It is one of the biggest websites on the internet. Literotica has the biggest collection of fictional erotic stories. The website gets more than 55 million unique impressions in a month. According to Wikipedia female users have more numbers than males.

It was founded in 1998 and has over 500,000 adult fictional articles, stories, poems, essays and even audio files. The interesting thing is, all the content is submitted by the site’s users. Anyone can share their stories with others anonymously.


Meaning of Literotica:

The word Literotica translates to reading Erotica. In other words, Literotica refers to written stories, novels or magazine articles. It is very common in the youngster these days, especially women.

The Literotica website has a bunch of categories and tags that contain many different types of story based erotic material. Almost every story on such sites is fictional and is only written for purely entertainment purpose. It’s more about what works in today’s pop culture, not necessarily what people want to read.

According to the trend most of the users of Literotica are women. They prefer this form over other video based such material. According to Wikipedia Google searches for Literotica peak at 4 AM. Literotica website has also been used in a few scientific researches.


Why Literotica Might Be Better Than the Visual Materials (Personal Opinion):

It is just a tool and you should use if according to your time and benefit just like social media. Do not let it become an addiction. A big reason to read literotica is that it is hands down better than visual stimuli as it does more damage to you. Literotica could be a better alternative to watching video based material.

Certain types of visual material can also provoke its viewers. It can make you feel anxious, stressed, confused, and tempted to compare your body to the actors on screen. It is not a healthy thing to do, it can significantly affect your mental health and might lead to depression.


As it won’t make you jump from one video to the other. Thereby, wasting your time, making you feel aroused every second and keeping you hooked onto the site to explore several other videos (which won’t quech your lust).

It will only make you lose your interest in sex. You jerk off your feelings for nothing. You lose your mojo and also your time for nothing. Keep in mind then it is just a tool for entertainment, you have to use is according to your time and comfort. Do not get lost into it and let it take over you.

A Word of Advice:

But don’t go overboard with anything even if it’s reading erotica or literotica. Because too much of everything is bad and in moderation you can do it. To relax, to increase serotonin and to feel the sudden rush of emotions even if it’s erotic. If your mind is not in your control then it could be as worse as any other addiction. Just be aware of what you are doing and keep track of your time. You don’t want to use any of this stuff if it is affecting your work or personal life in any negative way.

This will help you to stay in the present moment and will keep you away from feeling blue. However, it is advisable to read it without carrying any baggage. If you are a religious person or don’t have the urge to read such stuff or are asexual. Then you must stay away from it. Practice meditation regularly to take control over your mind.

Can Erotica Have Similar Effects on Brain as Videos?

This question is still unanswered. Researches are still going on to find it out but the question is important and you should definitely take it into consideration. It you use a websites like Literotica while taking control over your thoughts then its the best alternative to the video material as they manipulate you visually which is way more effective than reading. Its like reading a novel vs watching a movie based on it.


The thing is you should know your boundaries and be aware of the moment it starts to take over your mind. If you use it while being in total control it could turn out as very entertaining and help you fight stress. Just don’t get carried away with Literotica.

Why Women Prefer Erotica or Literotica over Visual Material:

Emily Nagoski, sex educator and author explained to CommonHealth that women and femmes tend to desire an emotional investment or context to experience arousal.

A star of a story of Literotica does not have a face. Hence, there is no chance of defame or bad social image which girls generally struggle with. Most of the women love reading to satisfy their soul and calm down.

Most of the videos tend to be filthy and objectify women and represent them as a sex object but its not the case with erotica. These are much less vulgar and provide a different approach. Its more about how to feel it.

“The rise of Fifty Shades has opened up erotica to readers who might not have known about it and also means women are sharing favorite books with friends, co-workers and family members. “Not everyone is sharing their reading habits, but women are more comfortable doing so.”

Kramer Bussel, A leading erotica author and editor

If Possible Try to Minimize Use of Any Such Website:

Moderate usage of Literotica is fine but if its becomes a habit then it might turn into addiction and lead you to depression. While using the website, just be present minded and aware of what you are doing. Do not get lost into it and read stories after stories. Its just like any other addiction such as social media or alcohol which can mess up your head make you depressive. On the other hand, they can be a blessing if you know how to use them and realize these are just tools.

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