Is Depression Curable?

Is Depression curable? Can I treat depression at home? Can I treat depression without taking medicines? Do I really need a psychiatrist in order to treat depression?

Well, all these questions are debatable and the answers depend on the severity of the depression symptoms. Depression has all to do with your past, your history and your mental health. More painful your past is, more severe is the depression. But again, it also depends on person to person, on their will power and emotional strength too.


For example, how strong will power the person has, how aware you are of your surroundings, how understanding you are and can you see the things the way they are without sugarcoating them emotionally. These things play a major role in combating against depression.

I personally believe that depression is curable and it can be treated before it gets too late. Let’s explore every aspect of it and see how you can get over depression and step forward to enjoy this life that you get only once:

Do Antidepressants Help in Depression? Is Depression Curable?

To be honest, yes medicines do help. One might have to take medications such as antidepressants and other supplements to help in the beginning but not for long. Along with the regular practice to mindfulness mediation, yoga or any form of exercise, once you feel that now you have the ability to go on without medication then please stop taking them.


Don’t immediately quit them because they are powerful but ask your doctor to reduce the dose slowly then quit completely. Otherwise you will be dependent on them forever. Before visiting a doctor or a psychiatrist, don’t forget to do a little background check of them. Most of the doctors are great but some of them continue to recommend medications to their patient for their business.

While taking your medications them don’t forget to improve your diet and have healthy meals. Take supplements if you need, such as multivitamins, Vitamin B12 or whatever your doctor prescribes.


You cannot totally be dependent on your medication like most of the Americans have become. Sooner or later, you have to reduce the dose then ultimately quit with proper guidance of your doctor.

Is Depression Curable Without Practising Meditation? Do I Really Have to Meditate?

Yes, without a doubt you do need to practice meditation every single day. You can’t keep taking those antidepressants for the rest of your life. Meditation changes your brain’s chemistry and helps getting rid of the toxic thoughts so healthy thoughts can enter in your mind. When you learn to live in the present, all your so-called problems will seem so small and unnecessary.

Depression pushes your mind to control over you and meditation pushes you to take control over your mind, thoughts and everything. Its like exactly opposite of what depression does. Control over yourself is much more important than control over other people. Let this be the first step of your battle against depression.

Here are some methods that I use, they will definitely help you:

Heartfulness Meditation


Osho’s method of Meditation

Meditation for better sleep

Yoga poses for beginners

How meditation can help you in depression

Do I need to go a Psychiatrist to Treat Depression?

You might need to visit a psychiatrist but not necessarily. It depends on so many things and majorly on the severity of your symptoms. To be honest, you need a friend (or more) who loves you and really wants to help you. You will have to be completely honest with him/her. He doesn’t need to be a psychiatrist but since they are professional and a good shrink will know what you are really going through, so they can help.

But psychiatrists are not affordable for everyone, it will need a big chunk of your money. But its okay, you just need a sensible person to talk to. If you are a little tight on budget then all you need is a good friend to share your emotions with. You need supportive friends and a family to create a positive and supportive environment.

How Important is Diet in Curing Depression?

Healthy diet is very important. You can’t be eating fast food all day long and expect your depression to be gone. It is not possible. You will have to take responsibility and eat good food according to your health not taste.

For example, I have a friend who was suffering from depression. So it turned out that he was very low on vitamin B12 so his doctor prescribed some supplements of vitamin B12 along with some other medications, he is feeling a hell lot better since then. Now you know how important your diet is. Stop eating those noodles and wondering.. is depression curable. 🙂

I Hate Gym:

You don’t have to become Arnold. Running and cardio will do it. Join yoga classes or do it at home. There are plenty of free videos on YouTube that you can learn some yoga poses from. The point is, you don’t have to lift heavy weights but some form of exercise is crucial such as, running, cycling, playing football, badminton or any sport.

Practice Deep Breathing:

Learn to focus on your breathing pattern and make it a habit to breathe deeply and avoid shallow breathing. Deep breathing can instantly uplift your mood in case of stressful situations and stress is major reason of depression.

If you look at it, it is a kind of meditation. Focusing on your breathing pattern will allow your mind to come back in the present moment leaving the negative thoughts behind. If it becomes a habit then it will be a great step forward to permanently cure depression.

Join Depression Support Groups:

There are many depression support groups online and offline. You can join them and support each other. You will find many people who have had the same experience so they know what you are going through. Sharing is one of the most important part of depression treatment and support groups are the best to start with.


It will make you confident and you will come to know that you are not the only one who feels this way, there are plenty of other amazing people with you in this journey. Your shame will disappear and so will the depression eventually. Here is one support group that you can join on Facebook:

Go Out With Like Minded People:

Lying on your couch and watching movies all day will make it worse. You need sunlight too. Go out and have fun with your friends that you met in one of the support groups. Make your life more happening, monotonous life might increase your symptoms of depression.

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