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How Corporate Life Can Suck the Life Out of You

I worked in corporate sector for almost 2.9 years. And I had a good start with few best friends made here for lifelong. In start I was so enthusiastic about my work but slowly saturation phase hit me hard and I plunged to explore more of it. But couldn’t.

On weekends I was mostly out shopping partying with friends. As usual I hated Monday’s mostly. The unusual shifts started interfering with my biological clock and I found myself getting sick lots of times. My body tried adapting to it but mostly I was tired.


I knew either I have to grow in this field or find something different to fulfill my creativity cravings. Because deeper it had politics hard to deal with. Already the seniors had positions covered with nepotism.

And as much I worked hard nothing would push me to higher positions. I realized I have to find first something which could give me normal shifts because opposite shift similar to Americans were disturbing my biological metamorphosis. I had to quit and after 2.9 years I resigned. And I concentrated fully on my writing.

After I Quit My Job:

In between I wrote and published a poetry book. I married love of my life. I explored so many places with my love. We traveled a lot. In between I continued updating my blogs, searching for a day job to cover my expenses. Soon I am joining as a professor. One of my favorite things in the world. To teach kids.


I struggled lot in life. Had I listened to my parent’s words I would have gained sanity and stability in life much earlier. But as someone has rightly said we learn by our experiences and not our parents. I learnt after experimenting so many things ,what is good for me. And I am continuously improving myself with time.

How I felt Working in Corporate Sector:

  • Trapped- The enthusiasm is gone and one feels trapped just for the money. If we want to achieve a higher position we have to surpass nepotism and that’s not possible
  • Politics- Favoritism plus politics starts circling employees. If one is growing hard people start dragging their feet by bitching and ultimately trying to lose moral of the person. I have seen many resigning because of this reason as they become continuous targets of team leads
  • No sense of creativity- The creativity to work via different approach starts saturating and idea of fleeing starts coming in minds of employees
  • Saturation- We don’t find growth in it after a limited time period forcing us to isolate and thing if this is our right career choice
  • Family planning- Once planning our family after marriage it becomes difficult to make peace with night shifts. And it starts interfering within our work timelines

P.S. Writer is not criticizing private sector job. She is just sharing her experiences. Everyone is free to choose a career of their choice.


22 thoughts on “How Corporate Life Can Suck the Life Out of You”

  1. Anything that takes more then it gives, resents more then it forgives, control the way you live when life begins to stand still, if that doesn’t suck the life out of you with dread, your already dead.

  2. I’ve been poor lately but more content. I worked as an accountant both in public and private for 12 years. I was making in the 6 figures and my depression and anxiety took a toll.

    I think it’s so interesting how more and more people are realizing we’re not meant to be stuck in front of a computer for straight 8 and sometimes 12 hours a day.

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