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Here’s Why You Should Never Drink Water Standing Up

I was a physically active kid. I used to play sports and keep myself active during the game. Every time I came home in the evening, I felt very thirsty and drank 2 or 3 glasses of water. My parents and some other elders in the family used to scold me whenever they see me drinking water standing. I always wondered why do I have to sit down for a few seconds just to drink water. Their logic was drinking any fluid while standing up would ruin your knee joints. I always thought it’s just an assumption but it is not.

I reckon every parent had said this thing to his/her kid some time. You need water to survive but you also need to avoid certain postures when taking any fluid in as it could disrupt the balance of your body. Keep hydrating yourself maintains the fluid balance in your boy. It takes care of good functioning of biological processes happening in your body. Having said that, it is important to learn how to drink water and avoid certain postures.


According to ancients texts of Ayurveda we should drink water throughout the day in small amounts. It must be consumed in a comfortable position while sitting down. Doing so would help combine water with the acids present in the stomach and dilute the acid levels in the.

Drinking Water While Standing May Lead to Arthritis:

If you drink water standing you are disturbing the fluid balance in the body. It leads to deficiency of the required fluids in the joints. Greater amount of unnecessary fluid gets accumulated in the joints which may lead to arthritis sooner or later in your life.

It Disrupts the Kidney function:

Drinking water in a standing position slows down kidney function. One of the functions of kidneys is filtration of water. Having water standing hinders this process. This may lead to urinary tract disorder as mild impurities remain with the water.


Indigestion Problem:

Your nerves are not relaxed when you’re standing up. While sitting down your muscles and nervous system remain much calmer and it triggers the nerves to quickly digest the food.

Drinking Water Standing Might Cause Damage to Internal Organs:

Having water standing up makes water travel faster directly through your gut to your stomach. It splashes all over the stomach walls and internal organs. This impact may become a reason for long term damage to the internal organs and digestive system. Not to mention, it may harm stomach wall and the gastrointestinal tract.


Your Thirst Remains:

You don’t feel satisfied with your thirst when you drink water standing. Sitting on a place and having small sips of water is a better choice.

May Cause Ulcers and Heartburn:

When you are having water standing up, you are putting pressure on your stomach wall. Drinking water in a hurry while standing up results in splashing the water on lower half of the esophagus. This may disturb the sphincter, a joint between the stomach and esophagus.

Your Nerves do not Remain Calm:

Having water standing activates ‘fight and flight system’ which may cause nerve tension in the body. On the other hand, having water sitting down calls a parasympathetic system also referred to as the ‘rest and digest system’. Parasympathetic system helps calm your senses and nerves. This would ease the process of digestion.


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      • Which ones? And what were your reference articles? Could you give me a bibliography or something? I am interested and I think it would be good for you to print these as people like to know these days where you get info from. Thanks,

        • Hi Jenetta, thank you so much for your advice. To clarify, I asked some of the physicians that I know about this topic and noted it down. Further, I researched about the technical stuff about it over the internet.

            • “To clarify, I asked some of the physicians that I know about this topic and noted it down. Further, I researched about the technical stuff about it over the internet”

              LOL, in other words “just take my word for it and stop asking relevant questions, you’re making me look bad!”

  1. This almost exactly what my Grand-mother used to say and my Bhua father’s sis) used to repeat about the problems we face due to drinking water while standing. Most if not all the ‘side affects’ listed are ‘wisdom’ passed on to next generation!


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