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Heartfulness Meditation: A Perfect Blend of Science and Spirituality

Meditation has become a very common practice nowadays. It is now everywhere. And after knowing the benefits of meditation, you would know that it deserves to be everywhere. With its increasing popularity, people are adopting many methods of meditation according to their preferences and ease. There are many centers and institutes which teach tons of methods to meditate.

It is really great if you have joined one of those institutes. But I don’t think that you can’t learn the various approaches of meditation by yourself. All you need is an internet connection and you are pretty much good to go. YouTube is filled with all the great videos that are enough to make you a practitioner.


There are many approaches of meditation which are equally effective and powerful. But it might be possible that one would get you there earlier than the other one. Some would prefer the mindfulness approach and others would say that the heartfulness approach is better. Nevertheless, both are very powerful and equally effective. It is totally up to the personal choice and ease of the practitioner.

The practitioners of Heartfulness meditation use the name “Abhyasi” for them. Abhyasi comes from the Hindi word “Abhyas”, which means practice. If we look closer in it, heartfulness Meditation is a perfect mixture of science and spirituality to present it’s practitioner a gift of calmness and blissfulness.

A Study on Heartfulness Meditation:

A summary of a recent study was published on The Hindu newspaper on 29-Jan-2019. The study shows that The regular practice of heartfulness meditation has a positive effect on heart rate variability, blood pressure, and heart rate.


The study was conducted by the National Resource Centre for Value Education in Engineering (NRCVEE) at the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and the Department of Non-Invasive Cardiology, Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket.

30 volunteers, 21 men and 9 women between the age range of 19-70 years took part in the research. They all have been practicing heartfulness methods regularly. All participants were subjected to a standard set of procedures while data were recorded on a computer. Indian Heart Journal, which is the official journal of the Cardiological Society of India published the results of the study.


How to Practice Heartfulness Meditation:

Just like the mindfulness meditation and other traditional methods, heartfulness meditation is a simple but powerful approach to meditation. The slight difference is that Instead of focusing on your breath, one has to focus on his/her heart.

Kamlesh D. Patel, a Guru of Heartfulness Meditation states:

“This approach of meditation gives many people the opportunity to master their lives by listening to their hearts.”


Benefits of Meditation:

Meditation or Dhyan has been practiced for many centuries. It has spread like a wildfire in the past few decades and the credit goes to many great spiritual gurus such as Osho, J. Krishnamurti, and Sadhguru. Now it has become a proven way to get your life on track or get your mind where it meant to be: in your control. People who practice meditation regularly have noticed a significant reduction in stress and anxiety levels including me. It gives you the power to be the master of your mind and use it for your own good.

I have seen people operated by their brains. Their thoughts drive them, which is nothing but a sickness. There could not be any better medicine for them than meditation. If this happens to you too then I beg you to give meditation a shot and comment below and let me know the results. Below I have mentioned some of the benefits of meditation that I have personally experienced:


Heartfulness or Mindfulness Meditation makes you focused:

In today’s world of social media, we all human beings are troubled. I’ve seen that many people use social media and they just scroll down their feed and waste 1-2 hours of their precious life just like that. They don’t even realize that this is a disease. It not only wastes your time but drowns you deep into this. And after a point, it takes a lot of efforts to get out. Meditation gives you the strength to see life as it is.

Less Stress and Anxiety:

I feel that concentration and stress are inversely proportional to each other. Focused means you are putting your heart and soul to the task in hand. If one is more focused it definitely means he’s enjoying it. If he’s enjoying that there’s no question of stress and anxiety. That’s what meditation does. It makes you more alert, aware and focused. A study was performed consisting of 18 volunteers who have practiced meditation for at least three years. The outcomes of the study showed that participants experienced long-term decreases in mental diseases such as depression.

You Become Emotionally Stable:

Meditation, either it’s heartfulness or traditional mindfulness meditation not only makes you more aware of the outer world but the world within you. You become aware of your emotions and literally feel different feelings turning on and off and what is triggering them. Thereafter comes emotional stability because you are familiar with every emotion and you have touched the heart of it.

Meditation Makes You A Good Listener:

Ever happened to you that you are having hard to remember a very important thing? Well, maybe you haven’t paid a good amount of attention to it. You were preoccupied with your thoughts. What if your mind was clear as a whistle at that time? Of course, you would be totally attentive. Your mind would process the conversation more significantly. You own your mind. Meditation makes you more attentive to the things happening around you thus making you understand every word the other guy is saying.

Meditation Improves Your Sleep Quality:

You should meditate when you turn your lights off and go to sleep. Its very simple, just lay down to sleep and let go of your body and your thoughts. Meditation will quiet your thoughts and the chit chats of your brain. It will vanish the unnecessary thoughts that keep you from sleeping. Lying down in your bed, breathing deep and focusing on your breath will clear your mind and lead you to the best sleep of your life.

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