Benefits of Coffee

Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Everyday

We all are aware that, coffee is one of the most common drinks, which is consumed in almost every corner of the world. Most of the people start their day by having a cup of coffee to get rid of the laziness and feel the freshness.

This drink has healthy antioxidants, most well-known one is caffeine.

The question, whether it is good or bad for your health is really a controversial one. It has its own benefits and may have some harmful effects for specific people like increased heart rate, high blood pressure and insomnia.

But, here we are counting the benefits of it. Taking moderate amount of coffee is very beneficial for most of the people.

So, without wasting any time, here are some of the benefits of drinking moderate amount of this drink everyday.


1. Coffee Boosts Brain Performance(Not Permanently):

It has world’s most consumed psychoactive substance called caffeine. As you drink coffee, caffeine is absorbed into your bloodstream and reaches finally to your brain , where it blocks Adenosine , which is an inhibitory neurotransmitter, after adenosine gets blocked, the level of other neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and dopamine increases, leading to enhanced firing of neurons. This increases brain function and boosts energy levels.


2. Boosts Physical Performance:

Caffeine increases levels of hormone called Adrenaline in the blood, which is responsible for our “flight or fight response”. Caffeine makes the cells break down the body fat and fat gets released into the bloodstream providing energy to your body.


3. Helps You Lose Weight:

Caffeine, which is an antioxidant found in coffee is one of the few substances that increases your metabolism and helps you burn fat.

Here, point to note is, almost all fat burning products contain some amount caffeine.

Caffeine increases the level of Adrenaline (Epinephrine) in the blood, it is transmitted to the fat tissues and helps break down the fat and releasing them into the blood, which then your body uses as a fuel.

As it is useful in burning fat, it increases metabolism and helps you lose weight.


4. Healthy Heart:

It protects you against arterial damage caused by inflammation. A Dutch study, performed on over 37000 people for a time period of over 13 years showed that people who drank a moderate amount of coffee, had 20% lower risk of cardiovascular disease as compared to the people who drank it in high or low amount or did not drink at all.


5. It Lowers The Chances Of type-2 diabetes:

It has polyphenols which is known for its antioxidant properties, which helps prevent inflammatory disease like type-2 diabetes. Coffee has minerals like magnesium and chromium. Magnesium helps lower the risk of type-2 diabetes.

A 2014 study has shown that people who increased their consumption of coffee to a moderate level, experienced an 11% decrease in risk of getting type-2 diabetes over the next four years.

6. Coffee May Protect You From Alzheimer’s Disease And Parkinson’s Disease:

Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common neurodegenerative disease and one of the too causes of dementia. Several researches have shown that the people who drink coffee daily have up to 65% lower risk of getting Alzheimer’s Disease.

Parkinson’s Disease is caused by death of dopamine generating neurons in the brain. Several researches have shown that the people who drink coffee everyday, have 32-60%  lower risk of getting Parkinson’s Disease.


7. It Is Good For Your Liver:

Drinking black coffee everyday helps prevent cancer, hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis and fatty liver disease. People who drink a moderate amount of coffee everyday, have low chances of developing liver disease.

It lowers the level of harmful enzymes in your bloodstream.


8. It Is Great Source Of Antioxidants:

Coffee has many really great antioxidans like cafestol, trigonelline, chlorogenic acid, melanoidins, quinine and caffeine.

Antioxidants are helpful in protecting the body and cells from harmful free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that are produced by stress, sun exposure and as a part of natural aging.

Free radicals damage our cells, collagen and DNA. Coffee has many antioxidants that fight these damaging free radicals.


9. Coffee Drinkers Have Stronger DNA:

It is because of so many types of strong antioxidants present in this drink.

A research published in European Journal of Nutrition has shown that white blood cells (WBC) of people who drank coffee everyday had very less instance of spontaneous DNA strand breakage, providing strong integrity to DNA.


Stay Healthy.



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10 thoughts on “Benefits Of Drinking Coffee Everyday

    1. Yes Johanna,
      Caffeine may temporarily increase your BP by boosting your heart rate.
      Staying hydrated all the time and maintaining salty diet is way to go.
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      Stay healthy.

  1. Too many stories, pro and con, about everything these days. I say, if you enjoy it and do it in moderation, go for it! I enjoy the process of making my daily coffee in my French press. And I certainly enjoy drinking it. Thanks for the interesting article.

    I actually think a French press makes me regulate the amount I drink. It requires just enough effort to clean and assemble that I only want to do it once a day. If I had an automatic drip maker, I might make more, and it would be easier to make another batch without much effort.

    1. Thank you for reading and putting your interesting thoughts.
      Nothing is harmful for you if you know the limits of it.
      I’m glad to know you use a French press. I use it too. I’m my opinion it makes best coffee.

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