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Hello everyone,

I am going to discuss the topic anxiety and depression via Get Well Forever to help people with my experience.


Everyone hesitates to discuss this topic. This is a taboo in our society. A lot of people suffer from this diseases all over the world. I have also suffered this but today I am proudly saying that I have overcome this.

Depression and Anxiety are completely curable. If you are still suffering with depression it means either you have not taken any proper treatment to get rid of it or did not get any proper method to overcome it.

So I decided to write my story. How I got caught in this? What did I face? How did I start recovering and how did I completely overcome?


I am sure this article will help everyone who is suffering with Depression, and traditional methods are not helping. Everything in this article is real not based on theory. Everything I have experienced is here.


  1. Introduction-what is anxiety and depression
  2. ‘Depression’ a taboo in society
  3. All possible reasons of anxiety and depression
  4. How did I get anxiety disorder
  5. What did I face during anxiety disorder
  6. How did I overcome
  7. Methods of treatment
  8. Conclusion
  9. Contact me

1. What is Anxiety and Depression:

Depression is a highly common mental disorder. In fact, approximately 300 million people suffer from depression throughout the world. “SO FIRST OF ALL, RELAX, IT’S NOT ONLY YOU.” And you can do it. You can win over it. Trust me.


So first of all we have to understand what is Depression and what is Anxiety. What are the symptoms. By observing them you may know if you are depressed or not.

In fact, anxiety and depression both are mental disorders but both are different. Let’s understand.

General symptoms of depression:

  1. Being sad all the time- With a little reason or without any reason feeling highly sad.
  2. Feeling hopelessness- Thinking like everything is lost. Nothing can recover now. Feeling like I cannot do anything time is over now. I am not talented as my friends.
  3. Feeling guilty– Feelings like everything bad happened because of me, I am the reason of this situation.
  4. Suicidal thoughts- Thoughts like now everything is over everything has ended. Or thoughts like I am the root cause of this all.
  5. Loss of interest in hobbies- Things you love to do before are not joyful now.
  6. Social interest- Do not want to involve in social activities. Feeling like no one cares about me. Friends, family and society, all hate me.
  7. Effected sex life.

General symptoms of anxiety:

  1. Excessive fear
  2. Unnecessary worry of future
  3. Fear of losing someone
  4. Rapid breathing or increased heart rate
  5. Weakness and lethargy
  6. Heavy sweating

NOTE – We all have different types of emotions like happiness, sadness, worry, fear and everyone feels these all in different times and situations. So if you are normally sad or worrying that does not necessarily mean you are in Depression.

Anxiety and Depression have much classification. There are different types of Anxiety and Depression. However, I am not going to discuss them in detail. You should prefer doctor’s advice to find out which type of depression you are suffering from. Here I will discuss overall mental health.

2. Depression a Taboo in Society:

Depression is a common mental disease. But in our society due to lack of knowledge and awareness this is considered as a taboo. Patients of depression are not treated well by society unlike other patients. Everyone thinks that this is patient’s own created problem.

However, everyone must know that depression patients do not create this problem there are other factors responsible for this.


The mentality of society is like if someone suffering with kidney problem or diabetes everyone takes care of him, gives him sympathy.

Additionally, if someone is suffering with depression or anxiety then no one is with him. He has to fight alone. And many times patients lose the hope.

So anyone reading this article I want to say I am with you, a lot of aware people are with you. You are not alone.

3. All possible reasons of Anxiety and Depression:

Whenever you discuss your problem with anyone you get a common answer that “THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF NEGATIVE AND EXCESSIVE THINKING, AND YOU ARE THE REASON OF THIS”. But this is not true. Negative thinking is a leading factor but hormonal imbalance is also the main reason for this.

The possible reasons of anxiety and depression are:

  • Hormonal Imbalance:

One of the leading causes of Anxiety and Depression is hormonal imbalance. During age of 18 to 25 usually hormonal changes occurs in our body and sometimes these changes are responsible for behavior changes which cause anxiety and depression.

There are some fluids in our brain called happy hormones they are ENDORPHINS, DOPAMINE AND SEROTONIN. If their secretion decreases we feel sad.


  • Past History:

Past physical, sexual or emotional abuse can cause depression in future.

  • Death or Loss of loved ones.

  • Personal Problems:

Problems like social isolation due to other mental illness, may cause depression.

  • Family History:

Some researches show that these mental disorders can be genetic. If someone in your family had anxiety or depression then this may be a cause of your illness.

4. How did I get Anxiety:

Now I am going to discuss how did I get Anxiety disorder. I am 23 years old guy from India (Uttarakhand) I am a civil engineer. I got anxiety when I was 19 years old.


At that time I was studying in second year of my engineering graduation. I used to live in a hostel with my friends that time. The life was joyful I used to enjoy a lot with my friends and family. Everything was more than good. I was a positive and optimistic person.

One day when we were in laboratory a friend of mine suddenly fell down he got an epilepsy stroke. The scene was horrifying. One month after this incident I got a little seizer.

Suddenly I started thinking like whatever happened with my friend is going to happen with me also. My heart beat increased rapidly. It was a little panic attack. I was physically well but mentally I was disturbed. This continued for some days. I was feeling excessive worried all the time. I was always thinking that I will fall down like my friend. This continued for some weeks and I was in worst phase of my life. At last, I went to a physician and did my blood test and CT Scan but all reports were good. Doctor said you are suffering with generalized anxiety disorder and suggest me to meet with psychiatrist.

5. What did I face during anxiety disorder:

I have mentioned how did I get this disorder, now going to discuss what did I face that time. Those days were very sad. I used to feel helpless all the time.

While studying or gossiping with friends I used to think about my health. I was socially disconnected, the songs which were my favorite were no more interesting. All my hobbies were no more joyful for me. I was miserable and helpless.

And this all was going inside me I could not even discuss what was happening with me because whenever I tried to confess with my friend they either ignored it or made fun of it. They used to think everything is created by me and this is just a virtual problem. But it wasn’t true. I didn’t create this, even I was unable to find out why this all is happening.

In fact, I was in a deep dark sea and no light of hope was there. But I found the solution I get rid of it.  How…? See below.

6. How I Cured Depression And Anxiety By Myself:

The day when my doctor said these are symptoms of Anxiety disorder, without wasting any time I consulted to a psychiatrist and you should do it too.

In fact, my symptoms were not severe so the treatment was not tough, so the best time to consult doctor is as soon as you can. Just after 1 month from starting my treatment I started feeling well. Good days had been started, I was back on my track. I had to do a long journey in this but I had taken the first step.

Now, I would like to clear one think that medicines may help to reduce severity of Anxiety and Depression but it will not cure it 100%. There are some other steps with medicine is best way to treat Anxiety and Depression.

First I changed my routine, lifestyle, I started playing football, reading novels and started practicing yoga and meditation. And in a few months I recovered up to 90%.

 7. Methods of Treatment:

Some of the methods I found useful, I have listed below:


1. Medicines:

There are different types of medicines available for Anxiety and Depression. Doctors will suggest them on the basis of your condition and type of disorder. Never take these medicines without any expert prescription. In generally they start working after 1 month from starting date. Usually treatment take 2 to 5 years or more. It depends on patient.

2. Yoga and Exercise:

Exercise and yoga are always helpful whatever the disease is. Similarly, same is the case with Anxiety and Depression. Yoga is very useful for mind fulfillment, specially breathing exercises are most helpful in this case. Exercise boosts our energy level and make us healthy. Even a simple 30 minutes morning walk is very helpful.

3. Meditation:

Meditation is one of the best treatments for Depression and Anxiety. Patients who don’t want to take medicines can cure it by meditation. It provides peaceful mind and calmness. Although, tt is tough to meditate in starting but after some practice it feels great. Additionally, one can adopt mindfulness or heartfulness approach to meditate. You can try the method I use for meditation.

4. Change in Lifestyle:

This is obvious if we are suffering from Anxiety and Depression means our current lifestyle is not good enough. It has to be changed. Additionally, we must regulate our lifestyle in a proper way. We have to set a proper timetable for different work, specially for work and sleep. Change in lifestyle is the first step of the treatment.

8. Conclusion:


So Anxiety and Depression can also be treated if we you follow a proper guideline. These are just diseases, nothing else. Only thing that made this horrifying is LACK OF AWARENESS and image in society. So just have faith in yourself and fight for it, be strong and one day you will also get over it.

With love –Yogesh Chandra Sorari.

9. Contact me:

I will be happy if I can help you. You may share your experience with me.

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