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Let’s start with the basics first, Cod liver oil comes from cod liver. Cod is a type of fish. Cod livers are processed to make Cod liver oil, which is an essential source of vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).

You can consume this oil, either from eating fresh cod liver or from supplements. Taking supplements is an easy and most common way. Cod liver oil has become popular because unlike other fish oils, it is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin D3. It has lower amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than other regular fish oils, but larger amounts of vitamin A and vitamin D.

The main difference between cod liver oil and other fish oils is that other fish oils are extracted from the tissue of deep-sea oil-rich fishes such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, trout and herring. But cod liver oil is extracted from the liver of cod-fish.

You will be happy to hear that the nutrients in cod liver oil can promote heart and muscle health. It is really good for health of your joints. It can potentially promote cardiovascular health, and help repair nails, hair, skin and teeth.

Health Benefits Of Cod Liver Oil:

Cod Live Oil is Good For Joints:

Omega-3 fatty acids, especially DHA and EPA are helpful in reducing inflammation. The anti-inflammatory properties present in cod liver oil are important to improve strength of your joints and fight symptoms of arthritis. Joints are most important and constantly used body parts and their health goes down with age. This fish oil also helps maintain joint mobility and flexibility.

Good For Heart Health:

The omega 3 content in cod liver oil are good for your heart because they have beneficial effects on blood pressure and blood stickiness. They help keep up the heart rate. Cod liver oil taken either through supplements or whole food can help lower high triglycerides, which a type of dangerous fat in the blood that is involved in raising the risk for heart disease.

Good For Brain Functions:

Your brain works on and is mostly made from fats, particularly healthy, polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. DHA, is an essential brain nutrient, It is essential for cognitive development in babies, thinking, learning, memorizing. DHA plays an important role within brain cell membranes, improving their fluidity, thus improving the message passing between brain cells. EPA improves communication between brain cells.

Good For Bones:

Cod liver oil is very important source of Vitamin D. Vitamin D3 is essential for absorbing dietary calcium and maintaining strong and healthy bones. Vitamin D deficiency can have negative impacts on your health. It may lead to frail bones and bone fractures which are associated with osteoporosis, rickets. If you do not have enough amounts of vitamin D in your body, the body will draw needed amount of it from your bones to your bloodstream

Good For Eyes:

Cod liver oil has incredible amounts of vitamin A, which are responsible for the beneficial effects on your eyesight. Vitamin A promotes visual acuity and good vision in dim light. DHA, which is found in cod liver oil and is a form of Omega-3. It is required by your retina for better vision. It helps fight eye disorders like glaucoma and protect eye sight.

Good For Skin:

Cod liver oil has excellent amounts of both vitamin A and vitamin E. Two nutrients which are really important for skin health. Both vitamins are powerful antioxidants and fight dangerous free radicals that can cause serious damage to your cells and accelerate the aging process. Good quality fats are food for skin. Good fats found in cod liver oil makes your skin wrinkle free, better and young-looking.

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