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What Is Peanut Butter | Nutrition Values And Benefits

Peanut butter is a food paste made of dry roasted peanuts. It mainly comes in two variants, which are creamy (smooth) and crunch and is available in many flavors. It can be served as a spread on bread or toast and used to make sandwiches. Personally, I find peanut butter really tasty. And most people will agree on that. I use it every morning. This kitchen favorite has a number of benefits so don’t ditch it just yet. (more…)

By Bhartendu Joshi, ago

Top Six Foods and drinks For Instant Energy

There can be several situations in a day when you feel tired and exhausted and wish to have instant energy and freshness and energy boost. I know it because I feel the same everyday. These situations can be while you work, at home, at playground or while you are on a trip. Good thing is, there are many ways to get you going. (more…)

By Bhartendu Joshi, ago
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