Deal With Hate and Negativity
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Power of Positivity: How to stay Strong when dealing with Hate & Negativity

When dealing with hate and negativity, remember that you can always get out of it. There are ways out there to guide you towards the light. Train your mind to stay calm in every situation and you’ll eventually have a release.

“Remember that life isn’t always glitter, ponies and ice-cream”


top things to reduce stress and anxiety
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10 Fun Activities to Reduce Stress & Anxiety from Daily life

Stress and anxiety are often co-related to each other. Stress is induced when several competing demands are forced upon your brain or physical body. When a person’s body or brain is constantly under pressure to perform better it causes stress and anxiety. The feeling of stress can be triggered by the thought of not performing well, its consequences, failure and the fear of being let down. (more…)

Harmful effects of Chronic Loneliness: Its Symptoms and Risks Involved
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Harmful effects of Chronic Loneliness: Its Symptoms and Risks Involved

With the rise in technology, the barriers between communication have been filled by the social media apps that have secured a warm place on our mini-me’s i.e. cell phones. Now making a call to your cousin who lives down the lane or the one who lives overseas is just a swipe away. (more…)

Depression and Loneliness
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How To Know Whether You Are Suffering From Depression Or It’s Loneliness

Depression is not a feeling or a temporary emotion that makes you sulk about your present situation. But it is a mental disorder which makes you alienate both from yourself and the world. It shatters the bond that you share with your mind and soul, in a way that the negative thoughts start controlling the way you look at the world and those around you. (more…)

lifestyle changes to overcome Depression
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Lifestyle Changes To Overcome Depression

Sometimes, making small changes can lead to bigger differences. Here, I am talking about positive lifestyle changes. Healthy and positive lifestyle changes can help you achieve your depression treatment goals. Nowadays taking antidepressants to overcome depression has become as normal as taking aspirin for a headache, you find it hard living a healthy life than just taking antidepressants.

While proper medication and therapy can be effective in treating depressive disorders and overcome depression, making little changes in your lifestyle to ensure a healthy body and mind can be really helpful to cope with the challenges and symptoms of depression. (more…)