Deal With Hate and Negativity
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Power of Positivity: How to stay Strong when dealing with Hate & Negativity

When dealing with hate and negativity, remember that you can always get out of it. There are ways out there to guide you towards the light. Train your mind to stay calm in every situation and you’ll eventually have a release.

“Remember that life isn’t always glitter, ponies and ice-cream”


top things to reduce stress and anxiety
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10 Fun Activities to Reduce Stress & Anxiety from Daily life

Stress and anxiety are often co-related to each other. Stress is induced when several competing demands are forced upon your brain or physical body. When a person’s body or brain is constantly under pressure to perform better it causes stress and anxiety. The feeling of stress can be triggered by the thought of not performing well, its consequences, failure and the fear of being let down. (more…)

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Hypersomnia (Sleep Disorder) | Symptoms, Reasons And Tips

You might have heard the term insomnia, in which it becomes hard to sleep for a patient. Hypersomnia is just opposite to that. Hypersomnia or Excessive Daytime Sleeping(EDS) is a condition in which you feel excessive sleepiness and tiredness during the day or night. This may occur even after long hours of sleep. (more…)

Harmful effects of Chronic Loneliness: Its Symptoms and Risks Involved
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Harmful effects of Chronic Loneliness: Its Symptoms and Risks Involved

With the rise in technology, the barriers between communication have been filled by the social media apps that have secured a warm place on our mini-me’s i.e. cell phones. Now making a call to your cousin who lives down the lane or the one who lives overseas is just a swipe away. (more…)

mentally tough
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How To Be Mentally Strong | Change Your Habits

People who are mentally strong, have good habits. They control their thoughts emotions and behaviors in healthy and good ways.

The key is, you need to keep your mind focused in present life that is happening around you. Without having your mind in the right place, you easily lose focus, leading to an endless path of critical judgment, over-thinking and over-analyzing all the time.