Body Positivity: How to Love the Skin You’re In

Your body is nothing but a sacred abode of your soul and you shouldn’t hurt or scar it to fit into other’s idea of what they call beautiful. As our society has progressed, the idea of beauty has grown by leaps and bounds, every now and then we come to know about beauty standards that pop out of nowhere and then make a stellar appearance on the social media sites.


This has brought a new wave of madness that exists for some time, brainwashing women to believe that if they don’t have these traits then they aren’t as beautiful as their counterparts which isn’t true. Instead of criticizing yourself, try something rebellious like loving yourself and taking care of it like you should.

Don’t feed hate towards your body:

Love Yourself

Nobody is perfect and if you don’t have a sculpted body it’s ok just like it’s fine not to have blue eyes. The beauty standards will be revised over time so that the multi-millionaire beauty companies can thrive and suck your wallets to make profits out of your insecurities. Don’t fall a prey to them and try and love the skin you are in.


Loving and caring goes hand in hand so throw the hate away:

Keep Smiling

Loving yourself doesn’t mean you should binge eat and mess with your metabolism and then regret doing so. Follow a healthy diet, eat green vegetables, add fruits and nuts to your diet, go for walks and meditate to release all the tension from your mind.

Do go overboard with anything:

If you aren’t happy with your regime then try something new like if you don’t want to exercise then you can practice yoga, aerobics or either join a dance class. There are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to fitness so don’t do something that you aren’t passionate about or are not determined enough to keep it going for a long run.


A healthy body comes in various forms:

Remember that having a healthy body doesn’t necessarily means that you have to have a chiselled body with shiny abs. This is just an understatement as a healthy body can come with rolls and a little extra fat too. A chubby person can be healthy too so don’t hate yourself for gaining a few pounds.

Being skinny or plump doesn’t describe you or your personality but your attitude does:

Either you are petite or plump don’t let it be your only characteristic, develop a personality that people remember you for. Read, learn and develop healthy habits, stay positive and confident. Love yourself and be kind towards your body, don’t vandalize the temple of your soul and scar it or hurt it because later in life you will regret the decision.

Over-eating or Not eating at all will not accomplish your body goals but will give your severe health disorders:

People go beyond lengths to achieve a perfect body even if it means over-eating or throwing up food. Remember the only image you should have in mind is of a healthy body and exercising is the only key to have a great body as it will make your mentally strong. By controlling your cravings or over-eating when your stomach is full will only give you severe health disorders and will make your hormones go haywire.

Remember there is a difference between gaining weight and being overweight:

Your health is more important than your outward appearance so don’t starve yourself to death just to achieve your body goals. Follow a clean diet, stay calm and work on what’s good for you.

Crash dieting will only fiddle with your mind and body, leaving you in a state of despair:


Dieting may give you good results in the beginning but in the long run, it will only ruin your body by making your metabolism weak and depriving your body of all the good nutrients that it needs. So before trying a new diet do research well, talk to a nutritionist or a dietitian who might suggest you whether it’s good for your body or not.

Your body is a temple so love every inch of it:

Love Yourself

Embrace all the curves that bend beautifully on your body like the jagged mountainous terrains. Every body type is beautiful so feel good in the skin you’re in and take good care of it. If you want to become the best version of yourself then go ahead and train your body but don’t let negativity seep into your mind and hate your body for having some rolls.

Every little step you take will reap into something beautiful, so take a deep breath and stay positive:

Dress up not to impress others but for yourself and feel happy that you’ve been blessed with a beautiful canvas that you can paint in different colours. If you’ll constantly bash yourself for not living up to the body goals of today then it will result in self-hate, low self-esteem and confidence. Don’t be so harsh on yourself and try to appreciate yourself.

A small pinch of positivity will light up your mood and will change the way you look at yourself and the world:

Experience The Positive Energy

Remember those who find flaws in others are the ones who dislike criticism so instead of wasting your time on their negative comments try and invest your time in something fruitful. Be the happier, healthier and wiser version of yourself only that will make you truly beautiful!


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