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10 Things that every Girl in her mid-20s is scared of

If you are a girl who like me is in her mid-20’s then you must be dealing with a few thoughts, that might have triggered the most haunted parts of your brain. And the more you think about it, the more anxious you become as you are now turning from a girl into a woman. So if you see yourself often complaining about trivial things in life then girl you are not alone as we all have been there.

So don’t be embarrassed and check out the 10 things which scare the shit out of every girl who has stepped into her mid-20s.


1. Marriage:

“Age is nothing but a number” this can’t be true for an Indian girl who is in her mid-20s. As you only know how cringe-worthy it is to hear people constantly jibber-jabbering about why you should get married soon. There comes a constant pressure from family and relatives who want you to tie the knot with a random guy and then have kids and yes lots of kids. Since marriage is one of the biggest decisions in life, it needs to be pondered upon well before settling with someone you aren’t sure about.

2. Deciding between leaving the city for Work or staying with parents:

There are many talented and ambitious girls, who have the skills to secure a decent job. But when your parents are kinda old school and they pamper you like their sugar bun, it just holds you back. Working in your city comes with a whole lot of benefits like you can have scrumptious food made by your mother or shop a little more without caring about paying rent on time. Even after all the perks of staying with your parents, sometimes you still think about the ample of career opportunities that you are missing while living in your city.


3. When you are bad at cooking food and you fear of getting embarrassed at your in-law’s house:

With a guilty conscience raise your hand if you are bad at cooking and are often teased by your siblings for getting scolded by your mother-in-law for serving trashy food. Even the slightest thought of cooking the first meal for the entire family get shivers down your spine as you know bad you are at it.


4. Getting into a relationship:

When you reach the peak years of maturity and have already blossomed into a woman, you know how tough it gets to enter into relationships. You might have dealt with a shit load of breakups and the turmoil of getting cheated while living with a bunch of lies. So when the right guy comes and tries to woo, you just aren’t ready for it as you don’t wanna deal with the same things all over again. Lurking around and mingling with someone feels like a sheer waste of time as now looking for a lifetime commitment.

5. Seeing your peers getting married to someone who doesn’t compliment them well:

You must have that one friend in your group who is a sweetheart and is amazing in every way. Her nature, thoughts and mannerisms make her stand out from the lot but the same can’t be said for her better half as he is the opposite of it. This makes you wonder what if the same thing will happen to you in future and you’ll be tied to a person who won’t share anything common with you. The very idea of it breaks your heart in the most disastrous way.

6. Leaving your job after marriage:

Some girls are career oriented, they can never imagine leaving their job and wasting their talent by sitting at home. They would never trade their dreams with marriage as they think it is a filthy bargain which they can never make. So they fear getting married to someone who would want her to remain as a housewife and put an end to her dreams.

7. Not Getting Periods on Time:

Missing on your friend that shows up once in a month is a terrible feeling which can give you several sleepless nights. There might be various reasons behind it like getting pregnant, having hormonal imbalance or developing symptoms of PCOS/PCOD which can give you a severe headache, especially when you are unmarried.

8. Having Kids In Mid-20’s:

If you are a married woman who is in her mid-20s and is being constantly advised to have kids before turning 30, then you know how it feels as you aren’t ready to take up the responsibility. Moreover, the bodily changes that come with pregnancy is something that you can’t imagine at this point in time.

9. Not having a stable job:

Girls these days are quite concerned about their future and instead of depending on their husband’s salary, they want to lend a helping hand so they can give a bright future to their kids. Thus, not having a stable job makes them think they are not worthy enough to get married as they are not financially stable.

10. Getting greys in your hair:

Getting old is a blessing denied to many but admit it that no girl wants to become old and withered soon. After climbing the ladder of the mid-20s you start noticing a few grey strands and watching the numbers increasing with years passing by is indeed a horrific sight. But after all this, enjoy that you are transitioning into a lady and try to become the best version of yourself so you can look up to yourself with pride.

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